Raise Money For Save the Rhinos

Save the Rhinos is a UK based non-profit organisation, with an extensive volunteer base, that is dedicated to helping to conserve Africa’s rhinos. They are also involved in the development of wildlife parks and conservation areas. They started fundraising in 1992 and are officially registered as a UK charity in 1993.

As a non-profit organisation, they operate on the principle that they should never ask their donors to pay before they have done their work. This makes it easy for them to collect funds from individuals. Since they work with local groups and communities, they are able to offer their support and expertise on the ground. However, because of this, they do not receive any government funding.

They use a number of fundraising methods to support their cause. One way to raise money for the organisation is through individual donations. These can come in the form of cash or in the form of a variety of items. Other types of fundraising include events such as auctions and events where people help raise funds by buying items from fundraisers.

The non-profit organisation has a number of fundraising activities that they run on a regular basis. One of these is the International Rhino Day. Every May, Save the Rhinos draws attention to its campaign for the conservation of rhinos in South Africa. This causes interest in people around the world about the organisation and its work. In addition to this, they also hold annual fundraising events that are organised for local communities.

A large percentage of the funds they raise is given directly to the South African Rhino Management Trust. This allows the Trust to save the rhinos by creating a better environment for them in which to live. They also receive financial support for the operation and maintenance of its facilities. It also provides the necessary funds to enable the Trust to monitor the conservation and breeding of the animals on a regular basis.

Fundraising for Save the Rhinos is not only helping the Trust to save the rhinos but is also raising much needed funds for the conservation of the species and their habitats. It allows the Trust to provide a valuable service to the communities who live around its premises and helps to make a difference to the lives of the people who live in those communities.

Another fundraising programme is The Rhino Appeal. This is an auction that raises money for Save the Rhinos in order to pay for the organisation’s activities in South Africa. This fundraiser is organised every three months to coincide with the International Rhino Day. The proceeds raised from the auction go to fund research and conservation efforts in South Africa.

The rhinos live on the wilds of South Africa. They face many threats, including poaching, and habitat loss. There is much left to do to save them from extinction. You can make a difference by supporting the rhino conservation and welfare programmes run by Save the Rhinos.