The following excerpt is from the opening chapter of STANDARDIZED MINDS: THE HIGH PRICE OF AMERICA’S TESTING CULTURE AND WHAT WE CAN DO TO CHANGE IT by Peter Sacks. (Perseus Books, Cambridge, Mass., February 2000).

Most Americans take standardized mental tests as a rite of passage from the day they enter kindergarten. Gatekeepers of America’s meritocracy—educators, academic institutions, and employers—have used test scores to label people as bright or not bright, as worthy academically or not worthy. Some, with luck, are able to overcome the stigma of poor performance on mental tests. But others do not.

Indeed, not only is it a stigma, but one largely unrecognized in our culture. Meritocracy’s gatekeepers brand those who score poorly on standardized tests as somehow deficient, incapable. Educators have used a quasi-clinical term for such people: Remember the teacher or counselor who scornfully labeled an ambitious, competent child an “overachiever” because her academic performance exceeded what the tests predicted? Or recall the hand-wringing over the “underachiever,” the student whose brilliant test scores predicted greater things than what he actually accomplished.

These terms are disappearing from public discussion, a result of concerns about standardized testing and its role in the American merit system. Some scholars have forcefully argued against the narrow views of ability measured by traditional mental tests. Many educators have sung the praises of new, authentic alternatives to standardized testing, such as performance assessment. Advocates of performance assessment say schools ought to focus more on what people can do and less on how well kindergarteners, high school students, and prospective teachers take tests.

Although the antitesting bandwagon has gathered new adherents, the wagon itself has crashed head-on into an entrenched system that is obsessed with the testing of American minds. With roots in intelligence testing that go back generations, the mental measurement establishment continues to define merit largely in terms of potential ability rather than actual performance. The case against standardized mental testing is as intellectually and ethically rigorous as any argument about social policy in the past twenty years. And yet such testing continues to dominate the education system, carving further inroads into the employment arena as well, having been bolstered in recent years by a conservative backlash advocating advancement by “merit.”

How has the standardized testing paradigm managed to remain entrenched, despite the many criticisms against it? Like a drug addict who knows he should quit, America is hooked. We are a nation of standardized-testing junkies.


Skip the Realtor Fees and Sell Your Texas Land on Your Own

When it comes to purchasing land, the number one consideration is price. But it’s not just the purchase price that matters; you also need to consider a host of other factors when making your decision, including zoning laws, restrictions on how the land can be used (for instance, farming or building homes), and homeowners association requirements.

These issues can complicate the buying and selling process, which is why it’s usually best to work with a real estate agent who specializes in land sales. Realtors can offer you local market knowledge, a network of connections with other property owners, and specialized resources to help you navigate the unique issues involved in land transactions.

But how much does a real estate Skip the realtor fees: Sell your Texas land on your own agent’s commission cost. Typically, when you sell your home through a traditional brokerage firm, the seller’s agent will collect a real estate broker’s commission—which is about 2 to 3 percent of the final sale price. For a median-priced Texas home, this can amount to thousands of dollars in commission fees.

If you’re thinking of selling your own land, it’s possible to save on these fees by working with a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) real estate agent. However, it’s important to understand the challenges and pitfalls of doing so before making the decision to go it alone.

One of the biggest challenges of selling a home or piece of land on your own is the sheer volume of paperwork involved. A single mistake can have serious consequences, so it’s important to hire a trusted professional to handle all the filings and documentation for you.

In addition, you’ll need to invest time in preparing your property for sale—which might include clearing debris, ensuring that boundary lines are clearly marked, and that the land is accessible to potential buyers. Moreover, you’ll need to be highly responsive and available to answer questions from potential buyers.

Another challenge with FSBO is determining how to price your property. An experienced real estate agent can help you determine the value of your property and competitively position it against similar properties on the market. This will ensure that you attract the right buyers and get the most out of your sale.

A Few Situations Where You May Not Need a Realtor

Some people who are highly familiar with real estate can save on realtor fees by selling their own property. However, even in these cases, it’s usually wise to enlist the services of a real estate attorney for the closing process. This will protect your interests and make sure that the transaction is legally sound.


Choosing Timber Bathroom Vanities

When designing a bathroom, the vanity is often one of the key elements that pulls the room together. Not only is it a storage area for toiletries and bathroom products, but it also plays an important role in the overall aesthetic of the space. A quality timber vanity is a premium choice that adds beauty and elegance to the room.

With a wide range of finishes and sizes available, timber vanities can suit almost any style. Wall hung designs are ideal for smaller bathrooms while freestanding timber vanities can create an impressive statement in larger spaces. When choosing a vanity, it is also essential to consider the basin and tapware options. Many vanity manufacturers offer a selection of options to ensure you can find the perfect combination for your space.

The most popular timber choice for a bathroom vanity is birch. Birch is a sturdy wood that is resistant to water damage. It also has a smooth surface that makes it easy to clean. Birch is also a relatively affordable option compared to other hardwoods. However, it is important to note that birch can scratch more easily than other hardwoods and can be difficult to stain without creating a blotchy appearance.

Timber is a beautiful and natural material that is easy to blend with the rest of your bathroom decor. Its resilience allows it to withstand moisture and other environmental factors, which means that you will enjoy the look and feel of your vanity for years to come.

Another benefit of timber is that it can be stained or painted to match your bathroom’s decor. You can choose from a wide range of colours and finishes, so you can find the exact style that suits your space. There are also a number of different features that can be included in a timber vanity, such as push to open drawers and doors and natural oil finishes.

One of the main concerns people have when selecting a Timber Bathroom Vanities is whether it will be durable enough to stand up to water. While this is a valid concern, it is important to remember that there are water resistant options that can provide you with the same visual appeal as solid timber while still being more durable than other materials.

The best way to test out a timber vanity is to visit a showroom and inspect the product in person. This will give you an idea of how well the timber stands up to moisture and will allow you to compare it to other options side by side so that you can make a decision that is right for your home. In addition, purchasing directly from the manufacturer will ensure that you are getting a high-quality vanity that has been tested for durability and strength. This will help you avoid any costly replacements down the road. If you are looking for a quality timber vanity, be sure to check out the selection at Kitchen & Bath Authority.


Is neurofeedback therapy safe?

Neurofeedback Treatment is a safe and natural therapy for ADD/ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Stress And Anxiety, PTSD, Sleeplessness, Tension and Discomfort Monitoring. It is a drug-free choice and has been clinically efficient because 1980. This amazing, noninvasive therapy works by strengthening and establishing the brain’s synaptic links rather than simply concealing symptoms with drugs.

During sessions, patients see their brain waves on a computer screen and discover to create desirable patterns. Throughout the training, raises in sluggish spindle activity are videotaped and compensated, just like ratings earned in a video game. The objective is to raise the amplitude of these slow-moving spindle responses in order to improve mind wave policy in the locations involved in arousal, attention, and alertness (Othmer, 1999).

The FDA has actually gotten rid of many neurofeedback tools that professionals make use of to keep track of mind task; the Centers for Disease Control listing it as an option for ADHD and migraine headaches. Practitioners also report success with problems consisting of significant depressive condition, anxiety disorder, terrible mind injury, and seizure problems. Some practitioners believe that neurofeedback can assist kids with finding out specials needs, consisting of dyslexia and dyscalculia.

While the results are promising, researchers are still trying to recognize specifically how neurofeedback functions. It is feasible that a sugar pill result plays a role, since it’s hard to divide the gain from the enjoyable atmosphere of the practice and the allure of enjoying one’s brainwaves on a computer display. Additionally, neurofeedback is pricey and not covered by many insurance coverage plans.

Yet some specialists are certain in the therapy’s Neurofeedback Therapy effectiveness, and a variety of prosperous capitalists have actually put cash into neurofeedback business. The success tales of some specialist athletes, such as Tobias Harris of the Philadelphia 76ers, and motivational speakers, such as Tony Robbins, are helping to place neurofeedback in the limelight.

A neurofeedback specialist will perform a detailed analysis of your medical history prior to starting your treatment. They will certainly attach sensors to your head and observe brain task as you loosen up and attempt to train various frequencies of mind activity, such as increasing gamma waves for emphasis or reducing beta waves to decrease racing thoughts. Certain regularities can activate negative effects, such as enhanced anxiety or anxiousness, and it is very important that you disclose your pre-existing conditions to your provider.

Stokes describes that depression usually turns up in imaging research studies as insufficient activation over the left frontal wattle, and motivating even more task there can help. Migraine headaches, meanwhile, are usually connected with low degrees of task over the best frontal lobe; training for calmness around can assist to soothe them. In addition to these usual disorders, some experts are trained in resolving much more rare mind issues, such as narcolepsy and traumatic mind injuries. These specialists must undertake 36 hours of study, a mentoring program and a test to earn a credential from the Psychophysiological feedback Qualification International Partnership.


Hassle-Free Hawaii Property Deals: Your Gateway to Paradise

Longing for a tropical sanctuary with problem free property exchanges.Look no farther than Hawaii, where the housing market entices with open doors that flawlessly mix sun-splashed scenes and calm arrangements. In this far reaching guide, we’ll explore the intricate details of problem free Hawaii property bargains, guaranteeing your excursion to heaven is pretty much as smooth as the Hawaiian exchange winds.

Investigating Hawaii’s Land Scene
The Salud Soul in Land:
Leave on your land process with the Salaam Soul, a social foundation in Hawaii. Find how this inviting methodology rises above accommodation to shape the ethos of problem free property bargains.

Rich Scenes and Rewarding Ventures:
Investigate Hawaii’s assorted scenes and uncover the rewarding speculation potential they offer. From ocean front heavens to lavish mountain withdraws, track down your optimal property easily.

Exploring Lawful Waters:
Demystify the legalities encompassing Hawaii property Hassle-Free Hawaii Property Deals exchanges. Find out about fundamental guidelines, licenses, and desk work that add to problem free arrangements.

Taking Your Action: Bother Free Exchanges
Vital Exchanges in Heaven:
Become amazing at discussion in Hawaii’s housing market. Find insider tips on getting positive arrangements while keeping up with the concordance of issue free exchanges.

State of the art Innovation in Land:
Open the force of innovation in property exchanges. From virtual visits to consistent documentation processes, influence current devices for an issue free encounter.

Confided in Specialists, Confided in Arrangements:
Fabricate an organization with believed realtors who work in problem free exchanges. Figure out how old pros explore the market to get your fantasy property.

The Problem Free Hawaii Property Arrangements Experience
Absorbing Nightfalls, Not Pressure:
Submerge yourself in the unrivaled magnificence of Hawaiian nightfalls without the pressure of property exchanges. Uncover how bother free arrangements permit you to zero in on partaking in life’s grand minutes.

Local area Associations:
Experience the very close networks that make Hawaii an exceptional spot to call home. Find how bother free exchanges add to building enduring associations in your new area.

Bother Free Hawaii Property Arrangements Area
Uncover the enchanted behind problem free Hawaii property bargains. Gain from genuine examples of overcoming adversity, and comprehend the key rules that change a possibly upsetting interaction into a consistent, blissful experience.


Sell Texas Lot – How to Sell a Texas Lot Quickly and Easily

Sell Texas lot can be a daunting task for landowners. Selling vacant land is much different than selling a house and requires special considerations. It’s important to understand the process, and know who buys land in order to get the best value for your property. This article will discuss the benefits of working with a professional land buyer, and the steps to take in order to ensure a smooth transaction.

The first step is to determine what your Sell Texas lot is worth. This can be done by researching comparable land sales in the area. It’s also important to consider any additional features that your property may have that can increase its value. For example, a pond or creek could add value, as would zoning that allows for a home to be built on the property.

Once you have an idea of what your property is worth, it’s time to start marketing it. This can be done through local outreach and online platforms like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. It’s also important to use For Sale signs and neighbor letters, and to list your land on MLS and Lands of Texas.

Another important aspect of selling your land is ensuring that your paperwork and contracts are in order. It’s a good idea to have a lawyer review your documents before submitting them to a potential buyer. Additionally, it’s a good idea to hire a title company to handle the closing and deed recording.

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that your land is ready for inspection and showings. This means cleaning up any dumped trash, clearing out overgrown bushes and trees, and keeping the grass mowed. Additionally, you should consider having a survey done to mark the property lines and ensure that all fences are in good condition.

If you’re looking to sell a Texas lot, it’s important to price your property correctly. Overpricing your land will only delay the sale and prevent you from getting a fair offer. Conversely, underpricing your property could leave you with a long waiting period and no offers at all.

It’s also important to understand the taxes involved in a Texas land sale. Depending on your situation, you may be able to avoid or minimize these fees. Additionally, understanding the zoning regulations in your area can help you maximize your potential profit.

Another option is to work with a Texas land buyer who will purchase your land for cash. This can be a great option if you’re looking for a quick and hassle-free sale. A reputable we buy land company will provide you with a fair cash offer and handle all aspects of the sale. This can be a great way to save money on real estate commissions and fees.


TransitEase Moving Solutions

A moving company provides all-inclusive services to help people relocate their belongings. These can include packing, loading and transporting goods as well as storing items during the transition process. Some moving companies also provide cleaning services for houses and offices. The best companies are licensed and insured, and have high ratings on customer-review websites like Yelp. To choose the best moving company for your move, take into account your budget and personal needs.

The best residential movers offer a variety of add-on services and competitive pricing, including free estimates and discounts for seniors or military personnel. When requesting quotes, make sure to include the number of rooms in your home and a general idea of the amount of goods you want to move. This will help movers provide accurate estimates. Additionally, ask for a video chat or in-person estimate so that you can see how a moving company works and how they might handle your belongings.

Full-service movers are more expensive than self-service options, but they can save you time and stress by taking care of the entire relocation process for you. They can even pack and unpack your boxes for you. They may also provide moving storage and a vehicle for the transportation of your belongings.

To find the best residential movers, consider a few key criteria: price range, quality of service, customer support and insurance coverage. Then, request quotes from three companies that meet your budget and services requirements. Keep in mind that the lowest quote isn’t always the best value, so be wary of extremely low prices. The cheapest moving companies are often smaller, less established businesses that haven’t put the time and effort into building their reputation.

Before hiring a moving company, read reviews on customer-review sites like Yelp and Trust Pilot. You should also ask friends, family members and colleagues for recommendations. In addition, check the moving company’s licensing and insurance on your state’s business information website. If you’re unsure whether a moving company is licensed or insured, request proof of liability insurance from them. Reputable movers will gladly provide this information.

Most moving companies offer standard liability coverage known as Released Value Protection. This covers up to 60 cents per pound of your items. This is far less than what you might get from a third-party insurer, so it’s important to understand the limitations of Released Value Protection and weigh your options carefully.

Many interstate moving companies are brokers, which means they act as middlemen and hand you off to third-party carriers to coordinate your move’s details. To ensure that you hire a reputable broker, check the FMCSA database.

Interstate movers can transport your belongings across the country or to another continent. Some even offer storage services, which can be a lifesaver during a move when you need extra time between when your stuff is ready to go and when you can access your new home or office.


From Start to Finish: Cavalier Moving Ensures a Seamless Experience

If you’re in the marketplace for regional or far away relocating solutions, Cavalier Moving is your go-to choice. Founded in 2020, this company has actually gone far for itself in the moving market of Richmond, VA and beyond. They’re a one-stop-shop that offers domestic, business, product loading, labor-only, and furniture setting up services.

As a locally-owned and operated company, these movers comprehend the worth of customer security and fulfillment. They make every effort to provide every consumer a phenomenal relocating experience. Whether you’re transferring to your new home a block away or across the city, these movers will certainly aid you work out in a snap. They offer full-service household and commercial actions that can deal with all your home products, appliances, electronics, office devices, and furniture.

They’ll pack, unbox, and rebuild your belongings to guarantee their secure shift to your new home. Their team is highly-trained, expert, and trustworthy. They’re additionally able to relocate large and large items like hefty furniture, swimming pool tables, hot tubs, antiques, and art. Moreover, they can also handle industrial equipment and machinery.

Besides their full-service property and business moving services, they’re likewise known for their regional and long-distance thing loading and furnishings assembly services. They currently serve Ashland, Richmond, Midlothian, Glen Allen, Chesterfield, Henrico, Bon Air, and bordering locations of Virginia. Besides their detailed service offering, these moving companies are also recognized for their budget friendly rates and friendly customer support. They supply free quotes for their relocating solutions and are constantly available to answer your concerns. For your satisfaction, they provide customized pad covering to ensure the security of your belongings. They also offer a 100% warranty on their work. For more details, have a look at their internet site.

Cavalier Moving is a credible relocating business understood for its dependable services and dedication to customer contentment. With years of experience in the moving sector, Cavalier Moving has actually established itself as a trusted companion for individuals and services aiming to move locally or across fars away.

One of the key factors that sets Cavalier Moving in addition to other relocating firms is its emphasis on professionalism and reliability and interest to information. From the initial examination to the last shipment, the group at Cavalier Moving aims to make sure that every element of the relocating procedure is handled with treatment and effectiveness. They recognize that moving can be a stressful experience, and they work hard to relieve the worry on their customers by offering trustworthy service and clear communication every step of the method.

Cavalier Relocating provides a detailed variety of relocating services to satisfy the diverse requirements of its clients. Whether it’s packaging and unpacking, filling and unloading, or transporting delicate products, the group at Cavalier Relocating has the proficiency and sources to manage any type of task, large or small. They utilize high-quality packing materials and state-of-the-art tools to guarantee that items are carried safely and firmly.

In addition to its commitment to quality in service, Cavalier Moving also prioritizes cost and transparency. They use affordable pricing and in advance quotes, so clients recognize precisely what to anticipate without any covert charges or shocks. This dedication to openness and fair prices has actually earned Cavalier Moving a faithful consumer base and favorable reviews from pleased clients.

Beyond its commitment to providing phenomenal relocating services, Cavalier Relocating additionally values area interaction and returning. The firm actively participates in neighborhood fundraiser and initiatives, showing its commitment to making a positive impact past the realm of moving solutions.

To conclude, Cavalier Moving stands out as a leading relocating business recognized for its professionalism, dependability, and dedication to consumer satisfaction. Whether crossing community or throughout the country, consumers can trust Cavalier Moving to provide a smooth and worry-free moving experience.


How do I become a handyman in Nevada?

A handyman is a professional who can perform a wide range of repairs and projects in your home. These professionals are considered jacks of all trades and are able to fix anything from a broken toilet handle to a shattered window. They are trained to install new light fixtures and rewire electrical outlets. They can also install and repair appliances, hang pictures, clean out the gutters, and assemble furniture. In addition, they can install ceiling fans and skylights, paint rooms, and replace drywall. If you’re looking for a good handyman, you should look for a professional who is licensed and insured.

A reputable best handyman las vegas should have a portfolio of past work to show off their skills. It is also important to find out if they have a license, as it indicates that they are regulated by the state. In addition, they should have worker’s compensation and liability insurance. These insurances will protect you from any damage that might happen to your property while they are working on it.

You can also search for reviews online to help you determine the best handyman in your area. If a professional has plenty of positive reviews, it is likely that they will do a good job. In addition, you should ask the professional for references so that you can contact previous customers and inquire about their experience.

Getz Handyman provides home improvement services to clients in North Las Vegas and its surrounding areas. Its team of handymen can repair and renovate bathroom and kitchen fixtures, refinish furniture, and restore baseboards. They can also clean and install dryer vents, pools, and water heaters. Its staff is available around the clock for emergency services.

LV Handyman Services has been in the business for more than 25 years, and its employees have extensive training in different skills and are certified in plumbing and electrical work. The company’s technicians can help you with your basement remodeling project by installing wall insulation, heating systems, and flooring solutions such as engineered wood and concrete floor finishes. They can also install ceiling fans, repair appliances, and rewire electrical outlets. The company can also help you with your plumbing needs by fixing leaky faucets and dripping shower heads.


Why It’s Important to Work With a Dump Truck Lawyer

A crash with a dump truck can be devastating to a driver, passenger or pedestrian. Because of the massive weight difference between a dump truck and a regular vehicle, victims of such wrecks can suffer serious and long-lasting injuries. In addition, they can have to deal with expensive medical bills, lost income and other costs.

It’s important to work with an experienced lawyer in order to receive fair compensation for your losses. A Dump Truck Lawyer will examine the facts of your case and identify all parties that may be held liable for your damages. Your attorney will also establish the value of your claim by working with medical experts, economists and other professionals.

Inexperienced Dump Truck Drivers

A common cause of dump truck accidents is inexperienced drivers. This is because trucking companies often hire less experienced drivers to save money and because there are fewer people interested in this type of job. Inexperienced truckers can fail to adjust their driving styles for weather and road conditions. They may also drive too fast for their truck’s size and weight, leading to crashes. An experienced truck accident lawyer will help determine if a driver was inexperienced or made mistakes that contributed to your injury.

Improperly Loaded Cargo

The beds of dump trucks must be loaded carefully and safely in accordance with state laws. If they are not, the cargo could spill out onto the road, causing dangerous conditions for other motorists. In some cases, the contents of the bed may be hazardous and require special handling or labeling. Your Dump Truck Lawyer will determine if the load was improperly secured or labeled and how this contributed to your accident.

Mechanical Problems

The brakes, wheels, gears and other mechanical parts of a dump truck can also malfunction. This can lead to accidents, especially when the truck is on a construction site where it is likely to run over nails and other sharp objects that can cause tire blowouts. In some cases, a dump truck accident can be caused by faulty parts that were designed or manufactured by another party. Your lawyer will review the evidence to see if you have a claim against the manufacturer of the truck or its parts.

After an Accident

If you’ve been involved in a dump truck accident, you should seek medical attention right away to document your injuries and take photos of the scene. Once you’ve done this, it’s important to contact an experienced lawyer to get started on your claim. An attorney will handle the negotiations with the insurance company and make sure that you are offered a fair settlement. Insurance companies often try to lowball victims, hoping they will accept a low offer without fighting for their rights. An experienced attorney will not let this happen to you.


Aya Tanjali Age

Aya Tanjali Age:

Aya Tanjali is a young American content creator and TikTok star who has become famous for her humorous, dancing, and lip-sync videos. Her popularity has led to her expanding her reach to other social media platforms, including Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. She has a huge following on these platforms, and continues to connect with her audience in new and interesting ways.

Her content is varied and entertaining, ranging from comedic skits to dances, challenges, and fashion. Her style and charisma help her to easily connect with viewers. Aya has a bright future ahead of her, and her success as a content creator is a testament to her hard work and dedication.

She is an upcoming star in the world of social media, and her growing popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Her talent and engaging content have helped her to establish a strong base of followers, and she is working on developing even more creative content for her fans. In addition to her online presence, aya tanjali age has a successful YouTube channel where she shares makeup tutorials and lifestyle tips.

Aya has a supportive family who supports her in her endeavors. She also has a sister who she often collaborates with on her social media accounts. Her content reflects her positive outlook on life and she is an inspiration to many young people.

She started her career as a TikTok star where she began uploading various entertaining videos to her account. Her dance and comedy videos quickly went viral, and she gained millions of followers in no time. Her popularity on TikTok led to her expanding her reach to other social platforms, and she has continued to engage her audience in new and exciting ways.

Her YouTube channel has over 1.6 million subscribers, and her TikTok account has more than 4 million followers. Aya works with several other prominent TikTokers, including Derek Trendz and Davine Riley. She has also made an appearance at Creatives Live and has her own online store where she sells Gen Z-style accessories like butterfly charm necklaces.

As a young girl with a passion for entertaining and a keen sense of humor, Aya has a long road ahead of her. Her dedication and determination have already set her up for a successful career in the digital realm, and she is working to develop more content that will inspire and entertain her viewers.

Aya Tanjali is 16 years old and she was born on 24 April 2007 in Austin, Texas, United States. She belongs to a Christian family and she follows her religious beliefs. She attended a local high school in her early days but is now homeschooled to focus on her career and other activities. Her hobbies include traveling, photography, and music. She also enjoys shopping for fashionable clothing and accessories.