Peptide Sciences

With a 99% purity guarantee in their products, Peptide sciences is among the top sources of good quality peptide research molecules. Peptides share similar similarities with other proteins, such as protiens, and just as proteins do, peptides are naturally produced by the human body. They also both contain the same building blocks called amino acids, which are found in all living matter.

Peptide sciences have been involved in the creation of various peptide-based drugs for many years. These include medications to prevent the development of certain types of cancer, anti inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, and even food additives, among others. Their best selling product is Propecia, which has proven to help people who have been diagnosed with a type of breast cancer known as “Mediated” to shrink the tumor size and stop it from spreading. Propecia was initially approved by the FDA in 1977, however has only recently been approved for use by men.

Peptide sciences is well known in the medical community for producing a wide variety of peptide-based medicines, including medications to reduce symptoms of arthritis, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, among others. Although the FDA has not yet approved a prescription drug that contains peptides, studies by Peptide sciences indicate that the compound EGCG has anti-inflammatory effects that are comparable to the effect of aspirin.

As a leader in the production of peptide-based drugs, Peptide sciences has also developed and improved a number of delivery methods. One such method is the use of injectable and oral liquid carriers.

Peptide sciences is also known to be a supplier of peptide derivatives for use in gene therapy applications. They have developed gene therapy compounds including CGG, CTC and TCK and used in a number of different applications. This includes the use of gene therapy to treat a number of human cancers, including breast cancer. They have also developed a gene therapy compound called GATA, which is being developed by a pharmaceutical company in the United Kingdom.

Peptide sciences has also been active in the field of nutritional supplements, particularly supplements intended to help increase protein synthesis and repair the immune system. These supplements are a popular alternative to the traditional diet, which may not contain enough protein. in order to support healthy growth and repair. The nutritional supplement market is expanding rapidly, thanks to the demand for such products.