Information On Counterbalance Forklifts Course

Information on counterbalance forklift course. Ontario Counterbalance Forklift Certification is a four-day training program designed to prepare the operator of an electric forklift to operate it safely and properly. This class is designed for beginners to experienced electric forklifts, and it is also intended to be an introductory refresher class for seasoned, electric forklifts operators.

The classes cover safety procedures and regulations in Canada that pertain to the operation of counterbalanced forklifts. A thorough discussion of electric motor operations, load capacity and the operation and maintenance of safety equipment are also covered. The class also examines emergency procedures as well as equipment and techniques used in emergency situations. The course covers the operation of the counterbalanced forklift as well as the correct storage, servicing, and cleaning of the equipment.

The course is taught by qualified forklift drivers and technicians that have undergone a pre-training program that is approved by the Canadian Society of Forklift Operators (CSSO). These certified individuals carry valid certificates that cover specific aspects of electric forklifts and are authorized by the CSSO. During the training program, the student learns to operate the forklift as well as the procedures involved in its proper installation and servicing. The training program provides an overview of the electrical operations of the equipment and introduces the student to the various safety precautions that must be observed and adhered to in the operation of electric forklifts. As a student is not allowed to operate the equipment while in class, this type of course is very practical in that the student is expected to learn all that they can about their particular forklifts.

The four-day course covers all topics that are covered in the CSSO approved training course, including: how to use the counterbalanced forklift equipment; proper storage and servicing procedures; how to operate the machine in both safety and environmental conditions; the operations and maintenance of safety devices; how to clean and maintain the forklift and any other parts; and the appropriate use of other equipment. There are additional special areas that are covered in the course, but those areas are not covered in the four-day course as they are addressed in the rest of the program.

Students that complete the training program are able to operate the equipment safely. The certified individual is able to safely and effectively operate the equipment as part of their duties and the equipment is ready to work without the operator having to be concerned with operating the equipment.

Electric forklifts are highly versatile and are used in many applications. For more information regarding electric forklifts contact the CSSO or other electric forklift organizations.