About a year ago I went to the Baltimore area to work with MJ HOME SERVICES LLC and some other mold removal contractors and to visit with our mold consultants in the Baltimore area. We had a number of companies in the Baltimore area offering our services and wanted to go through their mold inspection process. We looked at their website, did some research online, met with the company and did a little research of our own on some of the companies we were considering hiring to complete our mold removal Maryland inspection.

As we discussed the project with the contractors, it was apparent that most of them had not had any previous experience dealing with the type of mold and/or mildew found in Baltimore and other Maryland areas. This was evident when one of the companies offered to come in for the inspection only to find that the property we were looking at had a lot of wood trim, insulation and other items that they could not remove without damaging the structure. The contractor also did not have any experience in dealing with mold and/or mildew or finding the source of the problem.

In other words, while these were experienced companies, none of the contractors that we interviewed had a good understanding of what it was that caused these types of conditions in the first place and how to get rid of it. The mold removal Baltimore Maryland experts that we looked at had a decent idea of what to look for and what to do about it, but the fact is that their knowledge was limited. They needed to have extensive experience in this field to properly evaluate and treat the problem.

In conclusion, the first step we took after interviewing a handful of the Baltimore mold removal companies was to go through their websites to see what kind of mold and/or mildew they treated on previous projects. There were a number of companies with a variety of different mold removal options. While some of them had different methods of treatment, most had at least one of those three steps listed. Once we determined which method the company used, we then went to the site, spoke with one of their experts and reviewed the mold removal documentation.

The next step is that, after having done the assessment and evaluation of the situation, we decided that our top two companies were the ones that met our mold removal needs the best. and that we would hire to complete our mold inspection in Baltimore Maryland. Our mold specialists were able to complete the inspection and removal in less than an hour without having to call in outside help. Our main concern with these two companies was that they provided mold removal Baltimore Maryland services that had no reputation for causing damage to our home or business. The two companies that we hired, the first two we contacted, did not provide any mold removal Maryland service and would only take care of mold or mildew issues, but not any structural issues that we were having.

It was quite clear from our experiences that there are two kinds of mold removal Maryland services. One is good and one is bad. One that provide mold removal services and the other mold removal Maryland that provide structural services that can fix your property and business.