Different Types of Thunder Trucks

Thunder trucks are one of the most popular options for skaters looking for a lightweight and high-quality truck. They’ve been around for a long time and are part of the Deluxe Distribution family, which makes them a great option for anyone in need of top-notch skateboard equipment.

There are a few different types of Thunder trucks, and they come in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs. Some models are specialized for different types of skating, while others are more versatile and can be used for everything from street to bowls to big jumps.

The Lights

Thunder Hollow Lights are a great choice for those who want a lightweight truck that is also very stable on the ground. They are incredibly responsive and easy to turn, and are ideal for carving.

They are also a great option for transition as they have a slightly wider turning circle than thunder bay used trucks, which can make them easier to use on transition.

The 148 model

These Titanium Lights from Thunder are specifically made to fit with the 8.25 width deck, which is currently the most popular width on the market. These are the newest line of truck from Thunder and they have been designed to be very compatible with this wide deck.

The 148 model has an extra-large hanger that is designed to be able to accommodate the 8.25 width axle. They are a very popular truck from Thunder, and have been a hit with both pros and everyday skaters.

Another great feature about these Thunder trucks is that they’re extremely durable. The metal they are made from is very strong and can stand up to a lot of abuse. You can even upgrade the bushings to make them a bit more flexible and allow you to ride them tighter or looser.

In addition, they’re very stable and can handle a variety of different skateboarding styles. They’re also pretty light, which makes them an excellent option for street skaters or those who like to ollie high off the wall.

They are a perfect option for any skater who wants a high-quality, durable truck that is easy to maintain and will last you a long time. These trucks are especially good for those who enjoy street and bowl skateboarding, as they have a wide range of technical tricks up their sleeves that can be learned quickly.

Their bushings are the best in the industry, and they break in quickly as well. They’re also a great way to customize your truck for your personal style and riding preferences.

The 143mm Polished

These polished trucks from Thunder are a high-profile choice for those who are looking for a more durable truck that is still lightweight. They come with standard baseplates and are made in San Francisco, U.S.A.

The 143mm truck is perfect for skaters looking for a highly-durable and lightweight truck that will last them for years to come. It is a very affordable and durable truck that will make a big impact on your skating.