Bovine Collagen For Healthy Skin Beauty Care – What You Need to Know

Bovine collagen for healthy skin sounds like a cure-all. I’ve heard it said many times that our skin is the most important part of our body. It covers our internal organs and protects us from the elements. It seems that any ailment in our body can also be traced to our skin. This makes the idea of using bovine collagen for healthy skin, a tempting one.

bovine collagen for healthy skin

But let me ask you a question – where on earth do you find these types of molecules? The molecular structure of vitamin C is such that it cannot be absorbed by the skin. It’s too large. So it would make sense to use something other than bovine collagen for healthy skin. Not only that, but there are plenty of other vitamin C-rich natural substances that are more powerful, less messy, and even safer for our skin health.

For instance, let’s look at another substance commonly associated with anti-aging products – collagen. This is certainly an effective moisturizer and research shows that it does increase the skin’s collagen content. But what about those companies that claim that you can absorb the collagen protein this way? Is that possible?

Let’s consider one of the best sources of functional keratin – another ingredient commonly found in anti-aging products – and that’s Cynergy TK. Cynergy TK has been proven in clinical studies to stimulate collagen growth by more than double. And that’s just the beginning. Research shows that cynergy TK is effective against both free radical damage and inflammation. It also enhances the production of new skin cells. That’s why it’s great for treating acne and healing stretch marks.

Bovine collagen beauty care should contain ingredients like active Manuka Honey, Phytessence Wakame kelp extract, avocado oil, and Functional Keratin. The first two provide a level of hydrating moisture essential to the skin’s health. The last provides a level of antioxidants necessary to support healthy skin ageing. So, what’s the message? Look for these four ingredients when you shop for anti-aging skincare products. You’ll be amazed at the difference they make.

Stop searching for products that will magically erase your wrinkles and lines, and start supporting healthy skin today. Choose a quality, all natural product featuring the latest breakthroughs in cosmetics science. You’ll look and feel younger in no time. Choose babassu wax, neem extract, avocado oil, and manuka honey to nourish, moisturize, and accentuate your skin while you’re on the go.