Walmart ATMs – How to Use ATMs in Walmart Stores

A Walmart ATM is a machine that dispenses cash for customers who have a certain type of card. Walmart has these machines in many places, including in the front of the store near customer service. Some cards allow you to avoid the fees that come with using an outside ATM, and some have a specific limit on how much cash can be withdrawn. Some of these cards also have special features that let you use the machine for free, such as the Walmart MoneyCard.

Most Walmart stores give access to an ATM machine ATMs in Walmart towards the front of the premises, so that customers can withdraw their cash funds before starting to shop. This is a convenient feature, but it is important to know that some Walmart ATMs charge a fee for their usage. Depending on the bank you use, these fees can vary in cost. The best way to find out if the Walmart ATM at your local location charges a fee is to call ahead to the store and ask.

Some Walmart locations have multiple ATM machines, while others only offer a single MoneyCenter Express ATM. The MoneyCenter Express ATMs do not charge withdrawal fees for regular debit or credit cards, but they do have a maximum withdrawal limit of $3,000 on the Walmart MoneyCard. If you need more than this amount, you can get a cash advance at a bank or other financial institution that accepts Mastercard. To do this, you will need to present your ONE card and a valid government-issued photo ID to the teller.

Besides the MoneyCenter Express ATMs, some Walmart locations may have other ATM options from local banks. These machines usually have a logo from their respective banks and may be located near the Walmart ATMs. Depending on the location, these other ATMs can either charge a fee or offer you a better deal in terms of transaction costs.

If you have a Walmart money card, you can use the ATMs in any Walmart store without incurring a fee. You can also reload your card at Walmart with cash, through mobile check deposit, and by adding funds to the card from checks cashed in Walmart stores. Besides these methods, you can also add money to your Walmart MoneyCard through an over-the-counter transaction at a bank or credit union. This method is free for ONE Direct Deposit Customers, but there is an over-the-counter withdrawal fee for non-Direct Deposit Customers.

The Walmart MoneyCard is a reloadable prepaid card issued by Walmart and Green Dot Corporation. The card offers a number of advantages over other prepaid cards, such as its no-fee ATM withdrawals at any location with the MoneyPass network logo. The card also offers a number of other conveniences, such as cashback on certain purchases and the ability to track spending habits through a Walmart app. You can also use the card to purchase items at most online retailers and at Walmart. However, you should keep in mind that the card is not a Visa or MasterCard and cannot be used to make foreign transactions.